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We request everyone that have been present at this camp last season between 20 July and 20 August 2015, to contact us by means of the contact form on the website.

Unfortunately "as some of you may still remember" an accident occurred with the activitiesguide of the camp at the shower building.
This woman has been so awkwardly hurt by that accident, that she has become dependent on a wheelchair!

Now we call on everyone who attended between 20 July and 20 August 2015, we have been a number of statements, however, the more the better.

Currently there is forgery by a false statement! With intention that the insurancecompany of the camp do not have to pay for her damage and injury and this while she still is a young woman marked for life with a wheelchair!

This is unacceptable and can never be the purpose of an insurance issue?

So again in pity we ask you for your cooperation and fill out the contact form and respond to this call.

WARNING: a false statement is perjury!